Highs and Lows, Ups and Downs

Tauren Wells – Hills and Valleys

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of roller-coasters, and life can sometimes feel like a roller-coaster with all of it’s ups and downs. I’ve been struggling a lot this year, as I’m sure you have been as well. But for me, it wasn’t so much because of Covid-19 (although that didn’t make it any better). I’ve been struggling with anxiety over the most random things. I don’t even know when to expect it to ‘flare up’. Although there are a few things that I can pick out of my life that tends to make it worse. A couple key things said that seem to affect me. So I try to avoid them, or tell myself positive things to make it so that it doesn’t hurt as bad. But that’s not an easy thing to do! I’ve found that walking in nature, praying, and writing in my diary helps. Though sometimes that’s not enough. 

One night, when I was feeling particularly bad about myself, my thoughts weren’t helping, I had already done all of the above, my sister even tried to encourage me and make me feel better. I was so sleepy (it was past my bedtime), too tired to try to come up with good things to think about, and almost too tired to even think of the negative things. All of a sudden, Tauren Wells’ song ‘Hills and Valleys’ came into my mind! I hadn’t listened to it in awhile, so I knew that it was God that put it there. He reminded me that He is “the God of the hills and valleys” and that “I am not alone”. Instant calm and joy came over me! I suddenly felt better. I knew I wasn’t alone, of course. But sometimes selfish thoughts can get into my head that makes me forget just how much He is there for me. And it feels SO good when He speaks to me! 

“Hills and Valleys” is a very encouraging song that keeps us remembering Him and just how loving He is. I highly suggest you listen to it next time you are feeling low/down about your life, or riding on top of the world! Because He is there for both times in your life and everything in between. Remember, Jesus loves you! And He knows everything that you are going through. 

Bye for now, have a wonderful day!


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