How do we Love and Acknowledge God?

Psalm 91:14

God says that because we love Him, He will rescue us and protect us. We just have to love and acknowledge Him. How do we do that though? How do we know that we truly love Him? When do we acknowledge Him? 

First off, how do we know when we truly love anyone? I don’t know about you, but I tend to go out of my way for those that I love. I do more than they ask, do random special things for them that I know they’ll like, I want to be around them, and I tell them that I love them! So if we truly love God, then we are willing to go the extra mile for Him. We should be willing to do even more for Him than what we do for the people we love around us. Because His love endures forever. He is the most important out of all creation! We literally owe Him everything. 

When should we acknowledge Him? All the time! In everything we do! Prayers don’t always have to happen when you are sitting down somewhere quiet and peaceful to talk to Him. While that is definitely important to do, we can talk to Him all the time no matter what we are doing! We can acknowledge Him in our heads as we go about our day. Haha, I like to chat with Him and say things like, ‘Ah, I see what you did there, God” or to ask Him something like, “God, if you’d like me to do this instead, can You please make it clear to me and give me the strength to do it?” And I do that all throughout the day. He is my best friend, even though I can’t always hear what He has to say. Even though He doesn’t respond right when I want Him to all the time. I know that He is there and He is listening and that someday I will get an answer. I just have to be patient and trust Him. 

So what are some things we can do to acknowledge Him and love Him? J.O.Y. Jesus, others, you. Put Jesus first in your life, take time out of your day every day to really do that. Then go out of your way and do kind things for others. Ask God to give you opportunities to show His love to those around you. Believe me when I say that He will do just that. He will open your eyes to see that someone near you needs your help with something, whether it be an extra chore or a listening ear. Put everyone above yourself – but still take care of yourself. You are still human after all and need to take care of the body that God blessed you with. Know that Jesus wants to use you and your talents to bless His Kingdom and point others to Him!

Bye for now, have a wonderful day!


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One thought on “How do we Love and Acknowledge God?

  1. I like this! Especailly how you explained how we would know if we loved Him too. I don’t think I have done anything for Him reccently, but I do talk to Him randomally throughout my day too, haha.
    Coment of helpful suggestion because you asked: The pic is a little big on the page, I wonder if it is possible it could be smaller? An example I have is the articles on I like it because I don’t have to scroll to far down to get to the content. But that’s up to you. 😉


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