Nothing Can Separate us From God’s Love

Romans 8:38-39

Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Nothing! The worst thing that we’ve ever done, the worst experience that we’ve ever had. The devil can’t even separate us from His love! Why is that? Because God is ALL POWERFUL! Nothing can stop Him! 

You’ve probably felt like He has forgotten you before. That there were times that He wasn’t around and therefore He didn’t actually love you. I’ve felt that. But the thing is, that’s not true. He never stopped loving you. You just couldn’t FEEL His love. God doesn’t change based on our emotions and feelings. That’s something encouraging that you can keep in mind next time you’re in that tough spot and can’t seem to feel His presence. He is there, trust me! You just have to have a little faith!

A little faith can move mountains. Faith as small as a mustard seed! A tiny little mustard seed grows into the largest of all garden plants – a tree! To me, that really puts things in perspective. If you have a tiny bit of faith, nothing is impossible. You grow big and strong like a tree the more you put your trust in Him. Acknowledge His existence in your everyday life, in everything you do. You will be tempted not too, to do things or think thoughts that God doesn’t want you to do or think. Be strong! Know that He is by your side! In fact, He lives in you! Remember that He has already forgiven you when you mess up, but ultimately He wants you to do your best to do what is right. 

I’m reminded of the time that I was in a dark spot in my life and I really just wanted a hug from Jesus. Like so, so bad. I didn’t get it, but I did receive peace. Later, I read somewhere that Jesus doesn’t give us hugs like that because He knows we would never want Him to let go. And that is so true! So I guess we just have to wait for the day that we are with Him to get that special hug :). 

What are some ‘crazy’ things that you’ve asked God for? Let me know in the comments below or message me on the contact page!

Bye for now, have a wonderful day!


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