Sometimes I try to be normal… but then I go back to being me

This one reminds me of one of my sisters. For those of you who know MBTI she is an ENFP. In my opinion they are perhaps one of the top two most spontaneous types. You never know what they are going to do or say next, which makes life with them very exciting! 

She tries to be ‘adultish’ by making a list and getting things done, being calm and organized occasionally. But the real her is messy, crazy, random, and fun. She experiments with combining different foods, she is very witty, she thrives on imagination, obsesses over the latest Christian fantasy book, she loves to hug, to get attention and to give it. I call her my “ray of sunshine”, as she has shined her joyful light through my darkness on many an occasion! 

Life’s not always rosy for her though. Sometimes things happen that she doesn’t want to deal with, that she doesn’t know how to handle. Confrontation isn’t one of her strong points. Distraction tends to win her over. But she keeps moving on like we all have to!

Maybe this sounds like you. Maybe you try to ‘be normal’ sometimes, but you realize that that’s not you. It’s too draining to try to be something you’re not. So my advice to you is just be YOU! Whether that be crazy and random, or calm and reserved. You are wonderful just the way you are! God made you special, unique in many ways. So go and live the life God gave you!

Bye for now, have a wonderful day!


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