When You’re Washing Dishes

“When you’re washing dishes and you turn the spoon the wrong way”, ever done that? I sure have! After doing that a few times I have become an expert spoon-washer and can keep the spray in the sink 😉

Life can be like that sometimes. You’re just doing your thing, when all of a sudden something backfires and sprays you in the face. It can be a bit offensive. It can be annoying, especially if you were wearing your favorite outfit. However, it can also be kind of fun. It just depends on how you decided to react to it.

Let’s say you talked for hours to someone about something that was important to you, you both agreed to do that together and you look forward to it. You trust the person. But for some reason, they end up doing it with someone else and seem to forget about what you had talked about with them altogether. So you are just left there hurt and confused. You could choose to stay hurt and confused – and hold a grudge against them, or you can choose to smile and forgive them. They probably didn’t mean you any harm anyway. Most likely they just forgot. And nobody’s perfect.

However, let’s say they did do it on purpose – to hurt you. That’s when you still need to take a step back and ask yourself how you should respond to them. Honesty is key. Tell them that they hurt you. Don’t be mean about it and yell at them or try to do something to ‘get back at them’. Because in the end it won’t make anything better, most likely it will just make things worse. Instead, try applying soap to the dirty spoon. Scrub it gently by showing them who you are. Be stronger than you ever thought you could be!

You might be thinking, “But… how do I do that?” The answer is, with prayer. Pray that God will give you peace, heal your pain, and give you an opportunity to let the other person know how you felt. Even if they get offended or act like they 100% don’t care, you will be making an impact. It might be so small of an impact that you can’t see it. Keeping that in mind will also help you feel better. Don’t rub it in, don’t remind them of it in the future, just let it go. It might be hard, but if you believe, God can do ANYTHING for you. And He loves you more than you can imagine.

Bye for now, have a wonderful day!


P.S. Check out this link if you like the picture!

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